NTT TeachMeet 2018

NTT TeachMeet 2018

On Tuesday 27th March we were thrilled to welcome over fifty colleagues from schools and teacher training providers in West Yorkshire to Co-op Academy Leeds. People gave generously of their time and expertise, and everyone went home with their heads full of new ideas!

Thanks to our very lovely speakers, I am now able to share all the resources and presentations from the evening below!

CPD Keyrings

At CAL, all of our staff have a CPD keyring, and at every CPD event they attend, they get a summary of the key ideas and resources to add to their keyring. All the delegates at the TeachMeet got a mini version of this, with a summary of most of the sessions on their keyrings.

Charlotte Wright – Teacher Wellbeing

Charlotte (@commahound) works with NQTs after finishing their teacher training at Leeds Trinity University. She set the tone for the evening with her signature understated warmth and calm, by reminding teachers just starting their career that: we are bigger than we think we are AND we are smaller than we think we are. Teachers who reach out and collaborate have the potential to be infinitely bigger than they are if they remain alone. If we see ourselves as part of a team, whether that is on a small scale in our subject departments, whole schools or even as an international collegiate profession, everything feels more manageable! You can find Charlotte’s presentation here: PPT Charlotte Wright

Charlotte Munday – Extended Writing in History

Charlotte is a 2nd year Teach First Historian at CAL who shared a range of ideas for using structure strips, essay planning grids and ‘so what’ flow charts. Please find her presentation here: PPT CHM

Jeremy Bennett – Six tips to keep your lesson flowing

Jeremy (@CALEnglish1) is a Lead Practitioner in English at CAL who shared six top tips to maintain pace and momentum in lessons. You can find his presentation here: PPT JBE

Caron Downes – Classroom Games

Caron (@caron_downes) teaches Classics at St Peter’s School in York, and shared a range of original and engaging activities to bring lessons to life! You can find her presentation here: PPT Caron Downes

Adam Tomlinson – Behaviour Management

Adam is a Lead Practitioner in Science at Co-op Academy Priesthorpe and shared a range of strategies for behaviour management. You can find his presentation here: PPT Adam Tomlinson

Charlotte Woolley – Metacognition

Charlotte (@miss_tiggr) is the Curriculum Leader for English and Communications at Skipton Girls’ High School. She spoke about strategies her team are using to embed metacognition into their lessons, including getting students to visualise their nightmare exam question, and using modelling in the classroom. You can find her presentation here: PPT Charlotte Woolley

Daniel Eastwood – Flow

Dan is a Lead Pratcitioner in Science at CAL who presented on some of the research he’s been doing around getting students into a state of ‘flow’, challenge and engagement. You can find his presentation here: PPT DE

Danny Martin – Bloom’s Taxonomy for Differentiation

Danny is an English Teacher and the NTT Co-ordinator at Co-op Academy Priesthorpe who presented his idea of using Bloom’s Taxonomy to create a range of tasks to give students choices for how they engage with texts. You can find his resources here:

Blooms J+H whole text

Blooms LotF Ch 1

Blooms LotF Ch 2

Blooms Othello Act 3

Blooms Simon

Othello Blooms whole text

Emma Jamen – Alternative Spelling Test

Emma (@mcg_emma) is the Learning Leader for MFL at CAL and shared her ideas for using more tactile, physical strategies for students to practise spellings. You can find her presentation here: PPT EJ

Tony McAleese – Motivation in Maths

Tony (@T0nymca) is an Assistant Headteacher and Teacher of Maths at The Mount School in York. He shared his philosophy that teachers should; keep them busy; make it fun and make it relevant. You can find his presentation here: PPT Tony McAleese



Jennifer Webb – Vocabulary Flood

Jennifer (@funkypedagogy) is the Assistant Principal for Teaching, Learning and Staff Development at Co-op Academy Leeds. She shared the action research she has been engaged in this term around immersing students in as much high level vocabulary as possible. You can find her full explanation of these strategies on her blog here. You can also find her presentation here: TM Vocabulary Flood

Katarzyna Scofield – Dictogloss

Katarzyna is an English Teacher and the NTT Co-ordinator at Co-op Academy Leeds. She explained how she uses dictogloss to support EAL students, and maintains that what’s good for EAL learners can be good for all! You can find her presentation here: PPT KS


Rebeka Gupta – Differentiation

Rebeka is the Head of Science at Co-op Academy Priesthorpe and she shared some of her strategies for doing quick and easy differentiation. (resources coming soon!)

Hannah Lawrence – Meta-Circles

Hannah is a first year Teach First English Teacher. She explained how she’s been using meta-circles as a way to give her students a sense of autonomy and ownership within the classroom. You can find her presentation here: PPT HL

Ben Hetherington and Charlotte Haywood – Tech in the classroom

Ben and Charlotte (@MissCLHaywood) are part of the Science Department at CAL. They showed us three great tech tools which we can use in the classroom. You can find their presentation here: PPT BH & CHA




Kim Ratcliffe – What I’ve Learned about Behaviour and Relationships

Kim (@KimDempster1) is the Senior Guild Director at CAL and shared her top tips for pastoral care; treating students like ladies and gentlemen, remembering what it’s like to be a teenager, the importance of listening and de-escalation. You can find Kim’s presentation here: PPT KR

Anna Ingham – Co-operative Learning

Anna is a Lead Practitioner in Science at Co-op Academy Priesthorpe. We are big fans of co-operative learning in this Trust! Anna shared how she uses working groups with established roles to encourage collaborative learning in Science. You can find her presentation here: PPT Anna Ingham

Carly Beanland – Questioning Games

Carly is a Drama teacher at CAL and she rounded off the evening by presenting the fun ways she gets students to answer questions in her lessons. You can find all her ideas here: PPT CB


Saju Iqbal Ahmed: Performance Poet

During the evening, we were also addressed by renowned local poet spoken and word artist, Saju Iqbal Ahmed (@Saju_Ids). Saju struggled as a student in school, both behaviourally and with very severe dyslexia, and found himself labelled early on as being non-academic and not likely to succeed. Through his work in poetry, Saju has represented his country at international poetry competitions; in 2009 he came 2nd in the world at Brave New Voices in Chicago, and since then has worked internationally with young writers and performers as a teacher and mentor, as well as continuing his own writing. Most recently, he was commissioned by the BBC to write about his home city of Leeds. Saju’s talk about his own life served as a reminder to us all that we cannot ever predict what the lives of our students will look like in the future, and that we should never label students based on our own ideas of what a ‘good’ learner looks like, because we risk limiting their ambitions. You can see what Saju’s poetry is like here.

We had a brilliant evening and would like to say thank you to all our fantastic presenters! Please get in touch if you would like any clarification or further resources for the strategies outlined above. Also, please let us know if you use any of these ideas in your own classrooms! @CALTeaching